Dental Care

New Patients or not registered yet:

We have just opened an extra clinic on Fridays for non-registered patients. Recent changes to dental practice allow you to be seen for treatment without needing to register fully with our dentist first. Durley Avenue Dental Practice is a vibrant forward thinking practice, so an extra clinic has been created to help new patients receive emergency treatments, have fillings replaced or hygiene appointments. In addition, we provide an extensive list of treatments. So pop in or call the team we will help you.

Broken teeth or lost filings:

These can be rough on your tongue, unsightly or PAINFUL. Our skilled team will be able to help you and in most cases, we can fix your tooth in that first appointment. Should a more extensive treatment be the best long term option for your tooth, we will leave you in comfort and then schedule all the appointments for you.

Pain or sensitivity:

Pain may indicate an infection in your tooth. Kelly will be the clinician you will see to ensure you have a full treatment plan. After the examination a quote will be provided to relieve you from pain, whilst the best treatment for your future dental health is given.

Pain can also be experienced in the gum area which can be due to an infected wisdom tooth. We have a large experienced team at Durley Avenue Dental Practice that can help you. Sometimes good advice is all you may need.

Fractured or lost crowns:

When crowns come out it can sometimes occur at the worst time i.e. just before a wedding or holiday. Our team can secure it back even just to get you through the important event without the unsightly gap. Then, at your convenience, you are welcome to have a treatment plan to replace or repair this gap tailored to your needs.


These are very important to many patients not only to maintain their appearance but also to ensure that they can eat a balanced diet so that they remain healthy. We have used the same local English Laboratory for over ten years. Not only because their dentures are strong and beautiful when you smile but most importantly, comfortable. So if you need a new set or require a repair we are here to help you.

Hygiene treatments

Our hygiene treatments range from an appointment for stain removal to full treatment for advanced periodontal disease (gum disease). We provide scales for patients with braces as they find it very difficult to keep their normal oral hygiene levels up. Also your children are encouraged to have hygiene treatments at these friendly appointments we are able to encourage good oral hygiene for life. Parents find our guidance helpful backup for the routines they are trying to build at home with their family.

Our fee Guide

To view our fee guide, please click the link below


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If you have diabetes you are at very high risk of losing healthy teeth through gum disease. You don’t have to except this, we at Durley Dental will help you.