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Our Fee Guide

Please note the prices below are subject to change as our patients always receive treatment plans tailored to their needs. As our patient you will be informed of any increases to the fee guide.

New patient examinations

£70.00 including x-rays



X-rays if required



from £40.00

Periodontal exam


Periodontal treatment

from £117.00

White filling

from £25.00, largest £126.00



Root treatmentsto save a tooth

£225.00 to save a tooth, £365.00 for multi-rooted teeth


from £67.00

New Dentures

from £240.00

Denture work quotes from the lab

Simple repairs are £70.00

Please note: Our guidelines have changed and thus non registered patients can now be seen without a full new patient examination. You are more than welcome to take advantage of this change but please note a full examination is the best way we can properly check you are dentally healthy.